Adaptive Damper Modelling and Experimentation P. Brandon, A. Patel, J. Karwatzki and A. Ordys This paper describes the first stage of a two part research project related to the analysis and control of a commercially available, variable damping system for automobiles. The level of damping is continuously variable from 'hard' to 'soft' by means of pulse width modulation control of current in a linear solenoid mounted within the damper. In this first stage a mathematical model for the damper is developed in Matlab/Simulink. This model is evaluated against test results acquired using a damper dynamometer, together with associated control equipment, for a range of damper settings. Results of these tests are provided and the effectiveness of the damper model is investigated. This work will lead to the second stage in which the model derived for the damper will be used, together with model predictive techniques, to improve damper performance under particular driving conditions. variable damper, automobile, linear solenoid. Brandon_etal_2007.pdf