A Low Cost Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Tank R.P. de Silva, S.A. Ariadurai, H.G.P.A. Ratnaweera and M.A. Lambious This paper describes a low cost roof rainwater harvesting tank, constructed and tested at three locations in the dry and wet zones of Sri Lanka to study the feasibility of such tanks in solving acute domestic water shortage. The cost is about RS 5400 (approx 20 GB pounds in 2007), but can be brought even lower (to about Rs 2600 or approx 12 GB pounds) by using the locally available materials and labour during construction. The tank uses bamboo as a reinforcing material and polypropylene as a water proofing membrane, both of which are available locally in any village. The low level technological input requirement was a design requirement, in addition to low maintenance. During a two year monitoring period, the tanks performed well and it is anticipated that, with correct use and maintenance, a design life of about 5 years could be achieved. Domestic rainwater harvesting, low cost, Sri Lanka deSilva_etal_2007.pdf