The Correlation between Visits and Product Sales on Three Business-to-Customer Internet Web Sites Robert B. Mellor Short-term analysis of 3 web sites selling B2C products revealed a chaotic picture where absolute visit rates, absolute numbers of products sold, and number of visits per product sold, varied wildly with type of product and with time. However long-term analysis, from Jan. 1997 to Jan. 2003, surprisingly revealed that on average one product was sold every 10229 visits, with little significant variance (max. 4.28%) between web site annual averages. Both automated submissions (keyword submission) to search engines, and bulk e-mailing, could increase visit rates, but their effect on product sales was negligible. The explanation proposed is that the majority of visits recorded are machine-made, and not caused by humans Internet statistics, web site hits, product turnover, marketing mellor2005a.pdf