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KURIR: Kingston University Research & Innovation Reports
ISSN: 1749-5652

The publication of Kingston University Research & Innovation Reports (KURIR) is currently underwritten by:
Kingston University - Faculty of Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics and
Kingston University - Learning Resources Centre.

Authors associated in any way with any Faculty at Kingston University and/or any Faculty at any of the West Focus HEIs, are invited to submit manuscripts for rapid publication. Please submit in the first instance to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Robert Mellor enclosing the submission in Word format and adhering to the Instructions for Authors.

Authors are advised to submit articles to KURIR which are likely to be of broad international interest, although articles of interest to the local and business community will not be rejected on those grounds. Only articles of a high standard will be published. The journal reserves the right to reject submitted manuscripts outright which, in the opinion of the Editorial board, do not reach this standard. Please note that submitted articles must not have previously been published elsewhere, but that authors do retain copyright on all work published in KURIR. Prospective articles will be peer-reviewed by at least two referees and potential contributors are encouraged to suggest names and details of potential referees.

The Board of Editors presently consists of:

Name and Link


Area of Responsibility

Sabbir Ahmed

Kingston University

Medicinal Chemistry

Les Ansley

Kingston University

Exercise Physiology

James Barker

Kingston University

Forensic and Analytical Chemistry

Antonia Bifulco

Royal Holloway
University of London

Health and Social Care

Fintan Clear

Brunel University


Simon DeLusignan

St Georges Hospital
Medical School


James C. Denholm-Price

Kingston University


Timothy Eccles

Kingston University


Alan Fisher

Westminster University


Peter J. S. Foot

Kingston University

Materials Science

Andrew Holt

Kingston University


Helen Johnson

Kingston University


Daljit Kang

Roehampton University


Epaminondas Kapetanios

Westminster University


Robert B. Mellor

Kingston University

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Mike Mortimer

Thames Valley University

Management and Professional Development

Caroline Owen

Kingston University

Pharmaceutical Science

Nigel M. Page

Kingston University


Andrea Petroczi

Kingston University

Sports and Exercise Science

Eckhard Pfluegel

Kingston University


Sanjiv Rughooputh

Essex University

Clinical Microbiology

Mike J. Smith

Kingston University

Earth Sciences and Geography

Wilhelmus Spanjers

Kingston University


Nominations for new members of the Board of Editors are accepted throughout the year.


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