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KURIR: Kingston University Research & Innovation Reports

2005 Scientific Publications
Volume 1 ISSN 1749-5652

Hatton, L.
KURIR-2005-1: Pages 1 - 5.
Estimating source lines of code from object code: Windows and Embedded Control Systems.

Hatton, L.
KURIR-2005-2: Pages 7 - 16.
Forensic Software Engineering, an Overview.

Mellor, R. B.
KURIR-2005-3: Pages 17 - 30.
The Correlation between Visits and Product Sales on Three Business-to-Customer Internet Web Sites.

Mellor, R. B.
KURIR-2005-4: Pages 31 - 39.
Receiving spam depends on the occurrence of the e-mail address in Hyper Text and on the nature of the link to the file containing the e-mail address.